Meet our Fitness Coaches

Brad Tobias

Row Zone/Row Zone +/

Sports Performance/ Core Blast

Brad has a wide range of knowledge in training all levels of athletes from newbies to professionals.  His love for Rowing is shared in the Row zone class. 

Brad's passion about Exercise and Human Movement is what has woken him up at 4:00 am every morning for the past 9 years. It's this dedication and commitment to each athlete's advancement, whether a beginner or a professional level athlete that makes training under Brad unique. He has the ability to make every athlete believe in themselves, while also motivating them to go beyond what they think is possible.

A Marine and an Iraq war veteran, Brad is also the co-owner of T2 Fitness and  head programmer for the Bradletes Fitness Program and T2 CrossFit.

Michelle Garlitz


Marcey Hancock


Ben Hall

Ben has always been highly active in team sports and running throughout his youth and adulthood. In 2014 he made the move to Crossfit, and since then he's never looked back. Throughout the years he's always been drawn to the barbell whether it's in a WOD or in strength training. In 2019 he took the next step and he received his USAW L-1 certification. Ben's belief in proper technique and the power of consistency allow him to help both new and experienced athletes improve their form, avoid injury and grow in the sport.